05 January 2015

Goldfish Romper - Ottobre of the Month - December

My gift for subscribing was my choice of back issue. I went for Summer 2012,, as the contents looked hugely useable for our lifestyle, with fome fun shorts designs, new shirts to try and some cute but easy dresses for friends/possible future girls.

But what really drew me in was that adorable vintage style bubble romper. I figured the detailing meant that it would be unisex and adorable.

Its definitely adorable, but I'm not sure its the most flattering on my little man. 

Those high cut legs make it look a little like a swimming costume. I'm not sure if the elastic is still a little tight or if this is how theyre supposed to look.
This is the size 80, cut out as a guess as I have no idea how big he currently is and I didn't bother measuring because he was asleep when I decided to trace the pattern. It seems to fit OK though there isnt as much bubble as I was expecting. There seemed like there was more in the quick muslin  made up, so maybe the poplin just doesnt want to bubble.
I added snaps to the crotch for easy access, and winged the straps.
Nice and cool for the 41 degree (106F) day were expecting here!

I'm contemplating another for birthday cake smash style pictures, with a big 1 on the bib. Or I might just spray baste a big 1 on this one as I have way more ideas than time... If I do I think I'll work on lowering the rise some so theyre more bubble bloomers, though I'm not sure how that will work with the bib.

I've got some shorts to finish up for a friend, and a birthday boy shirt to make, and maybe a top for me, and the new Ottobre will supposedly be here shortly too, but I'm thinking I'll trace off the nautical shorts (number 7) and give those a go too.  So much on the wish list, so little time!

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