01 January 2015

2014 Highlights, Relections and Goals

Obviously Bubbaboo has been a massive highlight this year! I still cannot believe its only a couple of weeks to his first birthday, and how far he has come. All the milestones, both big and small, make my heart sing and I really cant remember or imagine life without him.
Other highlights include heading back to the Motherland to catch up with friends and family and do some tourist stuff, Run/Walking the 12km of the City to Surf with our little lion man who was content to sit in the pram just about all the way and got his first medal for his efforts, and our first proper family holiday, road tripping in a dodgy old camper van down the Great Ocean Road. Lots of happy memories.

Since Bubbaboo was born I've also been sucked down the rabbithole of babywearing. We both love the closeness, and he'll contently sit on my back and watch me cook while TheBoy is at work instead of causing chaos or screaming because he doesn't want to be in his play pen. Lifesaver. Sanity saver anyway! Plus I get to indulge in even more fabric!

So, thats what I've been up to. Aims for the next year include:

More selfish sewing. I have I have some grey check wool with subtle pink sparkle threads that I picked up for a song that I'm planning will become some winter trousers. I also have the Colette iris shorts pattern that will hopefully soon become my first pair of shorts. I just need to print the damn thing, and it looks like a huge waste of paper :( I also have these pretties waiting to be sewn up into... some thing...

My sister-in-law got me 3 balls of gorgeous cotton/wool blend yarn each with a silver thread and mini sequins. Its screaming "make me into a stripy scarf" so I'm thinking I might finally attempt to knit one. I hated knitting when my grandma tried to teach me at primary school, so we'll see if my patience has improved.

More quality, less quantity. As Bubbaboo gets bigger and wears his clothes for longer I'm trying to aim for less but more. Sure, there will be rapid fire play clothes, but I think the joy of boys clothes is in the details. I have an ideas board on Pintrest, so the plan is to put them into action.

My present from Bubbaboo (via Daddy, of course) was a subscription to Ottobre magazine. I'm thinking a Lower Your Presserfoot style challenge is in order. I'm not sure if my subscription includes the womans magazines, but my aim is to make at least one pattern a month from the most recent edition. Decembers is done, so I'll try and get that up soon, and I know what Januarys will be.

Lets see how the year progresses!

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