25 June 2012

Midwinter ride - Bikes for Africa premier

On Sunday I went for a lovely but long (for me, anyway) bike ride.
It was a lovely day. All blue skies and sunshine, but cool enough to ride comfortably.
I left home at 9am... headed to UWA to the up market. Wandered around the markets for a while looking at the handmade goodies. Its amazing how much people will pay when you package it up nicely and add a "hand made" label!
Then I headed out to the coast, to cycle down the path their instead of the main roads.

Cottesloe Beach

Surf lesson

One of the many sudden stop signs on the bike path

I headed all the way down to Fremantles Port Beach, where I stopped for lunch of the gourmet meat pie I bought at the market.

Iconic flour mill

Beach access

Another random stop

Arty Port Beach photo :)

I was going to Fremantle to watch the premier of my good friend Haps film 
about his time working with Bikes for Humanity and Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia.

The bikes for humanity (Perth) president introducing the film.
Hap answering questions about his journey.

Once that was over, I headed back North along the river paths.
Perth seemed so far away! 
About this point I hit the sour worms I brought with me for an energy boost. 

But it slowly got closer

How cool is this shared path! Out over the river.

The Canning river bridge.
Getting there...

Finally in South Perth 

 And finally home about 5:30.
Tired, but content.

66km all up.
Pretty much doubled my previous highest total, but as it took me so long it wasn't too tiring. 
I was ready for some stew for tea though!

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