20 June 2012

Fathers Day 2012

This year we went bulk with the Fathers Day cards...
It was the first time they were really from both of us, but we kind of left it late because Australian fathers day is totally different to the rest of the world (in August, I believe), so the shops weren't full of trash ;)
I tried to choose pictures that mainly reflect the dominant relationship, but also include the new -in-law ness this year.

This is what we ended up with:
(from moonpig.co.uk)

Yes, I know. Two cards that both say *You* are the best.
Ah well.
They're the best. 

The Boys dad is a Tea fiend, so what better than a matching mug?

My dad likes his beers, so he got some Black Sheep with personalised labels.

Sadly Moonpig underestimated demand, and couldn't fulfil demand for the weekend.
I got a very nice email explaining the situation, refunding my money and offering 20 pounds (my computer doesn't have an easy Stirling key!) credit to use to either re-order the beers to arrive after the day, or for anything else. I reordered, and still have money left :)
They're due to arrive today. Fingers crossed they arrive OK! 

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