02 July 2012

House-warming present for the person who hates their house?

So really, what do you get as a house warming present for someone who hates their house?! The back story is long and complex, but has ended up with an 18 month long renovation project with the hope of being able to off load it for as much as she paid for it. But the rapidly dropping house prices means that even after spending all that time on it, its still not really paying off. So while it now looks good, she still hates it for what it represents. But at least its finished, and that is a cause to celebrate!

The Boy suggested making a really horrible tea cozy, which slowly grew into this idea:

We composed a limerick to sum up the story, and I attempted to embroider it onto a tea towel.
Now, embroidery isn't my strong point, so there was no way that anyone was going to see the back! So I embroidered it onto some cotton... 
I transferred the words by typing it into word, putting the fabric over the screen and tracing with a chalk pencil. Easy way of getting neat, even words. Or fancy fonts if I were more skilled...
 This is comic sans, if you can tell ;) And do you know what- I ran out of thread for the last two words. 
Gutting! So a quick trip to the shop was needed!

The patch held in place by fusible webbing, then secured using bias tape.
I went around the edge of the store bought tea towel with a fancy stitch to tie it all together.
(Anyone know what the Y shaped stitch is for?!) 
And added a little bias tape hanging hook on the top corner

Wrapped up all fancy :)

She loved it. 
Brought a tear to her eyes... hopefully for all the right reasons.
I was a little worried she wouldn't "get" it, but I think she will treasure it.

I think I was more excited about gifting this than I have every been to give a present!
Which is what presents should be all about, right?

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