09 July 2012

Its the small things

We've been in our house for over  a year, and there are lots of small things we've been meaning to do for all that time that we've never quite got around to. This weekend I got onto them! The house was an ex-rental house, and while its big, it was a well used (despite only being 4 years old) by a family with kids and very plain. The whole house was painted "sand", and while we've made some changes it still has that rental-house vibe.
I think the recent nesting has got something to do with being home more, and sleeping there every night as opposed to half the time. I want it to be a home more than just a house!

First up, there is a big open wall space over the bath that needed filling. I love my baths, though try and limit them since water is a precious commodity here in Perth. Our bath is small and shallow, but that doesn't mean I can't dream that I'm somewhere more luxurious!

I've been meaning to fill the gap with a triptych ever since we moved in, and last month I finally bit the bullet and ordered some canvas prints. When I went on the epic cycle ride a few weeks ago I ramped up the camera resolution as far as it would go and took some shots of the ocean, cropped them down into a series of squares once home, then uploaded them to the canvas printing site (I used BigW Photo service)
What do you think?

Now I can dream I'm looking out over the ocean to Rottnest, rather than being in my
back unit in the inner suburbs :)

I also did some other things I've been meaning to get around to for a while.

I put up the pretty house number from Moro up on our fence.
Hopefully now people will be able to find us!

And I took the door off the built in robe in the guest room.
Its a "kids" room, so it doesn't really fit the double bed in, but we needed it to! So while the bed fits, not much else does! And the door to the robe didn't open all the way and generally made it look small. The hinges are built into the frame, so I couldn't easily take the hinges out, so I simply slid the bolt out that was holding the hinge together. Easy to reverse and didn't look as obvious as I had been imagining it might!
Can you tell its currently a junk room? And yes, thats my wedding dress, still un-boxed from the wedding 10 months ago... 
It hangs in the door frame usually, but then you couldn't see the curtain!

In the gap I put an extendible shower curtain rail, and used rings and clips to hand an old sarong as a makeshift curtain for now. Full access to the robe, plus a bigger feeling room. Perfect.

I also hung a curtain rail up in our bedroom, and it was so much easier than I remember the one in the sewing room being! Maybe I'm just getting better...
Pictures to follow, once the curtains are done!

Oh, and the garden is coming on really well. I love sitting in the sewing room or the main living room and looking out and seeing the honey eating birds getting a good feed from our grevilleas or kangaroo paws. Hopefully the big yellow paws should be bursting into life soon, which should look pretty spectacular. And the little ground covering grevillea looked like it had buds, so they should show their faces soon too!

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  1. I have seen paintings split and arranged on walls. They look so good!! The ocean photo break up on your wall looks great:)


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