10 July 2012

Cycling gloves prototype

Last night I worked on a prototype for some cycling gloves.
It worked quite well, but there are a few things I want to change for the real pair.

Theyre really fiddly, and they aren't big enough to go around the arm of my machine, so everything has to be sewn flat, which makes it interesting!

The fabric is hot pink ripstop nylon, with fluro yellow stitching and flannel lining to stop the elastic from scratching. The arrow is made from reflective high vis tape harvested from some work clothes. The idea of the arrow is to make it extra clear which way I'm turning when I'm using hand signals, and because its cut from reflective tape they will show up at night. I need to move the arrow around though, as it doesn't sit on the back of my hand at the moment.

For these I used shiring instead of encased elastic. I think this added to the fiddlyness, so maybe I'll use elastic next time.

I'll put up a pattern once I'm happy with them!

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