05 July 2012

The PJs of awesomeness!

Whoop the cycle challenge finishes today! Since June 1st I have ridden just over 700km! And beat the boy by a country mile... or around 150km! He was ill this week, which probably helped a lot, but it would still have been tough for him to have over taken me.

But on to the sewing!

I finally remembered to take my memory card home from the office, so I finally got pictures of my favourite pair of PJs so far. In terms of fabric anyway. The fit is pretty rubbish- too tight over the top of the thighs (because like a dummy I shaved off a couple of centimetres from the inner thigh/croch to make the legs fit- D'Oh! I have no pattern, I just trace off pants that fit us.

My favourite pair for fit are the "Space Raider" (I know, I know... but thats what I call them) I made for the Boy earlier in the year. They fit perfectly on both of us (his cyclist thighs and my womanly hips kind of even us out...)

But... how cute are the cycle version?!
(I really need to clean out under the sofa!)

The waist and thigh section has vertical bikes, the legs horizontal, as I was trying to conserve fabric. Hence cutting off some of the width on the thighs as the leg portion was slightly narrower. I should have just gathered them very slightly, so there would still have been that extra give in the top. Its pulling apart at the seams, which is a combination of weak fabric and bad fit. Spotlight has their flannel on sale, so I might go get some more despite its lack of quality (see all the pilling on the photos below too? from less than a weeks wear). Its just too cute.
The top is from K-mart. It was cheap, warm and fits perfectly with the colours. How could I say no.

The bottom of the legs are cuffed tight to the ankle to stop drafts, but I wasn't about to expose my feet to the cold to show you! And there is a pocket on the back for my iPhone, so I can walk around the house/garden, get stuff done in comfort and still listen to podcasts.

These ones even have different rises front and back, and nicely finished and reinforced seams.
Which is a lot to do with why I'm sad that they are dying already.
They still do the job of keeping me warm, and the next version will be even better!

Obligatory bum shots :)
I love  the pocket and the fit at the back. 

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