01 March 2010

Baptism by Fire.

Last night we gathered a group of people and headed to the beach for a swim, barbeque and fire party. Just because, and also for the last night of summer.
We got to Swanbourne about 5 for a bit of a paddle. The weather was perfect, warm but not too hot and breezy but not so much to be cold when in the ocean.

So after a dip to cool down it was time for a sunset barbeque.
Last sunset of the summer!

Then it was time for the real reason for the meet-
We were meant to be playing with the poi and staff, and testing out the OHs fire juggling balls that he got for his birthday. We hadnt conditioned the balls though, so we couldnt get them to light properly. Next time!
Here are some of the best pictures from the evening though.
My fire virginity ;)


  1. Hi there. Found your blog through 20something. I love love love the pictures! I wish I had the courage to try something like that, but I seem to set enough fires in the kitchen as is.

  2. Looks amazing! I had a go at fire twirling some time ago (though...just a stick with flaming ends), and I LOVED it!


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