27 March 2010

First race of the season tomorrow!

My season anyway. WAMC don't really stop, but around now it gets busier.

The Bridges Run is once around the foreshore, 10km. Or a short 5km from one of the jetties on the other side. 
I'm doing the 10, and hoping for a time under 55 minutes. Fingers crossed. I've been running at my old race pace in training runs, so hopefully all the enforced treadmill running has picked up my pace potential.

As for the rest of the weekend, its pretty packed too! Off to Deep Aqua this morning, might stay on for Body Combat but will see. Deep aqua is usually enough in itself, and don't want to over work before tomorrow!

Tonight a big group of us are going to watch a friend fight. She's been doing Muay Thai for a few years now, and its her first public fight, so we're going for moral support. I'm really intrigued. I've never been to anything similar before, but I'm not sure how well I'll be able to watch because I'm not sure how well I'll deal with watching one of my best friends get beaten up! She loves it, so I will be there to support.

Tomorrow is the race, then an attempt to see a friend who is moving over to Germany. Shes having a barbeque on the foreshore, so hopefully I will have time to get home, get changed, get back and see her, then we're due to meet a friend that we havn't seen for a long while. He just got a job for a junior exploration company up in my neck of the woods, so thats going to be interesting. The joys of confidentiality!

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