23 March 2010

Perth Storms

On Monday, our drought broke in epic style.

Its been over four months since we had any real rain. Officially 0.2mm in February, and the odd very light unregistered shower, but basically nothing.
That all changed big style!

I was up at work, due to fly back. We saw that there was rain forecast but that was all. I fell asleep on the plane back, to be rudely awoken by some big bumps. Opened the window to see grey. Just grey. And lightening flashes. After the scary landing, and spending the whole time thinking "thank God I'm not in a Brasilia" (the 30 seater planes we used to use) we got to the terminal and heard the radio reports coming in of absolute chaos. And we'd just landed right in the middle of it.

We got 42mm of rain in a couple of hours. 150,000 properties were reportedly left without power. About 100 sets of traffic lights went out. Part of the cliff near Kings Park collapsed and sent a landslide ripping through houses at the base of the mount.

We got off quite lightly. A few small branches off the tree and a few ceiling leaks. And a scary hour landing and driving home through the rain and lack of traffic lights.

There was a very pretty sunset though, once the sun ducked under the storm clouds.
Always a silver lining.

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