16 March 2010

Melbourne Travels...

Back from Melbourne!

Apart from the lovely people losing our bag somewhere between Perth and Melbourne, and ripping it once they did finally get it back to us the following afternoon, we had a great time.

We flew out of Perth on Tueday afternoon, a bit of a last minute dash... Getting complacent from flying so often! We turned up with 10 minutes to spare for close of luggage check-in, which would have been fine apart from the whole of the WA SES were heading over to Victoria to help with the flood clean up, and they had a lots of gear to check! They've re-modelled the airport too, so the Boy and I circled for a while trying to find security... straight through security (and explosives check, as usual!) and on to the plane. 

Qantas served us up some food then turned out the lights for a showing of Up in the Air. Seems like a pretty good film, nice balance of chic flick and not so chick-flick.  The Boy was rather angry with them for showing an episode of something (2 1/2 men maybe?) before, so the captain talked over the key moment of the film to announce the local time, weather, blah blah, then turned it off with minutes to go. So now we'll probably never know if the lovely George turns his life around or not!

After standing at the carousel for that bit too long, with the growning feeling of "oh oh" in both our stomachs, we reported our bag as missing and grabbed a cab into the city, hoping the bag would turn up and planning what we could say was in it if not ;) We both had our nice clothes in it (my only pair of heels, his only pair of shoes, my pretty new dress) and weren't really relishing the idea of spending fun Melbourne shopping time on boring restocking of existant clothes...

Got to the hotel (Oaks on Lonsdale) and got our lovely room - 1 bed apartment on the 29th floor with a wrap around balcony and view out over the Cathedral, parliment and suburbs.
And crashed into our lovely massive bed, to prepare for full on days of shopping, penguins, cupcakes and luggage chasing.

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  1. Hate it when airlines do that.

    I did a day trip to Sydney from Melbourne and they lost my luggage. Turned up just before I was about to leave where I was the next day. I hardly take "proper" luggage and just take my backpack and take it on the plane...

    I am going to struggle letting go on my luggage to get on the plane to Hong Kong!!


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