28 February 2010

Where Eagles Daren't

So we got trounced.
Horribly trounced.
Final score WCE 80-158 Port Adelaide.
At least they didn't double our points... A last minute behind took that stress away.
Break down was:

West Coast       0.4.2  1.5.9  1.6.10  2.8.14 (80)  
Port Adelaide    1.4.3  1.9.4  2.16.6  4.19.8 (158)

Not the best match ever, but I had fun. Even if we did have some scummy Port supporters within our ranks.
And I think I finally know the rules :)

Post match was few more beers than I was planning (from zero to 4 1/2 pints... oops) but it was a good night!

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