10 February 2010

Its the Boys birthday

Today he joins me in the quarter-life crisis club :)

He wanted Bioshock 2, which came out yesterday.
I told him I couldnt get out fom work before the shops closed, I'm sorry.
Maybe he could wait til late night shopping on thursday?

He fell for it.

So when I gave him the big heavy box that looked nothing at all like a computer game this morning, he was happy to have something to open. Even if it wasnt his real present. And it even had ribbons.

When it was the collectors version of Bioshock, he was slightly happy!

Meeting a friend for lunch, whos birthday it was yesterday. I couldnt think what to buy her, so I made a funky card instead;
Hopefully she'll like it. I think its funky! I have lots of left over bits, so I think I'll make a few of them and send them to my friends as a surprise "I miss you" card.

Then the Boy and I are off to Char Char Bull in Freo tonight for "steak and beer". Should be good, but the weathers closed in and its actually drizzling, so maybe not the romantic sunset meal I was planning...
But hopefully it should still be good food and good company.


  1. Love the card .. It is funky great work! ox Trace

  2. love the card .. Its is Funky great work .. and happy B-day to your boy. Have a wonderful night. ox Trace

  3. LOL sorry i didn't get the you can approve comments or not .. cool little feature. will have to look in to that. have a nice day


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