09 February 2010

My Goals from way back in August

I've been thinking recently that I need to remind myself of my goals, so here is what I wrote last August when I was realised quite how much my weight, or more importantly, my volume, had snuck up. I was only about 4 kilos more than I averaged all the way through uni, but I'd always felt happier on the low side of where I was, even before this time last year and the start of the rapid ascent!

I got to 69 for my birthday, which was good enough for me. I felt really skinny and tried on some smart trousers that'd been sat languishing in the drawers because thay'd always been on the tight side even on good days, and they were positively baggy :) 
And I'm still 68...
But I'd still like to reach 65 for the wedding. 3 kilos in 4 months. You'd think it should be easy!
Sometime soon I'll go through and re do them, and hopefully it'll spur me on to get down to 65, or preferably even 62 maybe?!, for June...  

Saturday, 22nd Aug 2009
The CK University wants me to think through my motivation, so here I go:

Health I'm borderline BMI at present, though do have a decent set of muscles beneath. But still, more into the healthy range can't hurt, and might save me from going the other way...

Appearance I want a waist... and I want more clothes to look OK on me.

Self-esteem My self esteem is already pretty decent most of the time, thanks in part to a lovely OH who, like in Bridget Jones, loves me just the way I am... But like everyone I have fat days and days where nothing in the wardrobe looks right.

Self-confidence See above... anything that boosts my confidence around strangers has got to be good.

Energy I know that the more I exercise, the better I feel for the rest of the time.

Self-control I have none, its all or nothing. So will be interesting!

Ability to engage in more physical activities I do most anyway...

Social acceptance I already feel socially accepted, but would be nice not to have to wonder if I'm what the guys at work talk about when they mock their mates for taking home girls using descriptions like "well, she wasn't a whale, but y'know, not too good"

Special occasion 25th Birthday in November and for some reason its getting to me :nono1:Plus bridesmaid next June for one of my best friends weddings back in blighty. Will also be the first time I'll have seen most of the people in 3 years, so would be nice to look good.

So... Main motivators are:
To look better.
Special occassions.


67kg by November 19th - my quarter centuary and about the lightest I'll ever have been while taking any notice

65kg by June - for the wedding. Will be mainly a case of maintaining it over that long I think.

Mini Goal - 70kg by 1st October - I know these sound long and drawn out, but I don't want to drop down the bounce right back up again!

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