22 February 2010

Over it!

I'm so over work.
The actual work side, not the enjoyable bush side.
I need to finish my drill report, its so nearly there. I just can't seem to focus on it.
I also need to finish my proposals for this year, I just don't see the point because noone reads them and theyre unlikely to get drilled, so why put time, effort and stress into doing them?
It makes for a fun dilema, becuase I love half my job, but the other half brings me to tears. But in time (if we get any money for 2011 anyway) that side should improve, as I move up the ladder and get more confidence in my ability. I say that I'm gone as soon as my residency allows (becuase ATM I would need a new sponsor to stay in the country and while there are a fair few jobs out there most companies aren't sponsoring as much, even though there are very few un-employed geos around... we need so many geos here at the moment but no-one is applying) but I will miss this place when/if I'm gone... Ah well. I dont yet have residency so I dont yet have options! So no point thinking about that yet.

OK, rant over.
Suck it up and finish!

We're going to go watch the Eagles on Saturday. I'm excited! I was going to suggest that we went but the OH isnt much into Footie, so didnt. Then he asked me if I wanted to go! (because his mates from work were heading down and invited him even though they know he's not all that fussed).  It went along the lines of
Him: Oh, and they want to know if we want to go watch the eagles play on saturday. Theyre playing... erm...
Me: Port Adelaide.
Him: Yeah, maybe.
Me: No, really. Port Adelaide.
Him: Yeah, well, them. Do you want to go?
Me: YES!

WCE Vs Port Adelaide.
Me last time we went:
Hopefully this time it wont rain!

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