27 February 2010

Good times on Break.

So, I normally work an 8:6 roster, 8 days at work, 6 days at home. I used to work from wednesday to wednesday, but work has shufted us all around to try and make room for more people up on site. So now I work Monday-monday. Grr! No more sunday sessions. It takes the shine off when you know you have to get up at 4am to catch a plane for 2 hours.

Because of that, I only get 4 days this time, and take another day off that because yesterday I had to go to head office for a meeting with the Resource Development guys about one of my prospects. So will end up working 17 days with 3 days off. Which sucks!

I've been making the most of it though.

Thursday we went to a friends house for a laid back gathering/chance to show off his new mansion. And I mean mansion. Its massive. And amazing. I want, I want! Its been 30 years in the making though, since he first bought the plot. The idea was to head over to cool off in his balinese themed pool area (it was 42c ish on thursday...) and have a bit of a BBQ. Good way to spend such a hot day!

Thursday night we went to watch Lords and Ladies, a play version of the Terry Pratchett book. More on that in the future.

Friday was office day. We'd booked the car in for a service and timing belt change. The OH took it down, only to be told "Ooops, sorry, we're not going to have time to do it today"
Pah! Why did they accept the booking last week then?! So now it will be next week.

After work (well, from about 3pm, it was friday after all) I went for a wander around Harbour Town, the discount outlet village on the outskirts of the CBD. I was looking for a new LBD, because the one I currently have is my mothers from the 70s, and while I love it, a bit of variety is never a bad thing! I found a gorgeous one in Ojay.
 Its black (kind of has to be for a LBD!), with optional straps, boned top with a sash round the waist, then the selling point- the skirt can either be worn buttoned up underneath, to be all bouff-y, or worn straight for more of a classic look. It fits OK now, but when I shed these last 2 kilos I reckon it will be amazing!
The best bit is, it was labelled at $279... marked down to $99, and when I took it to the till it scanned as $80. Score!

Friday night we went to Tiger Lils, a hot new-ish bar in Perth CBD. We've been before for daytime drinks, but never at night or for food. It was pretty good, and they didn't care at all that it took until an hour after our booking time for all of the 5 of us to appear!
Cocktails were good, though the Chilli, Lime and Coconut "Funk Shui" made me feel a bit queasy for the rest of the night, the chilli vodka didn't sit well in my tummy! The food was yummy all round though. I had squid salad, which was tasty and huge! I couldn't finish it. The Boy had the Kangaroo, which was delicious too. As was the Pad Thai. Eating in the restaurant was a good was to experience the place atmosphere in there (very funky, but very busy) without having to squidge through the crowds or queue at the bar!
Today is a lazy days followed by the football tonight.
Exercise has fallen by the wayside, apart from a bit of a weights session this morning. I could make a list of excuses (its too hot, my knees twinging...) but basically I just can't be bothered! Maybe tomorrow...

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