20 February 2010


I hate crickets.
Actually, I think a singular cricket is a fairly cool critter. They have amazing eyes and come in great colours, and are mechanically brilliant.
But when they swarm they freak me out.
  • They fly in that weird circular pattern
  • They have spikey feet
  • They get stuck in my hair
  • They end up eveywhere.

  • They make a horrible crunching noise when you stand on the masses of dead ones.
  • They sit hidden in spinifex, then you walk past and they all jump out and fly at you.
  • They end up in your room and jump around once the lights off, but are nowhere to be seen when the lights are on.
  • They smell really bad when they burn up in the fly zapper at the wet mess.
  • They spend the whole night flying into the nightlight on the outside of my room, so all I can hear at night is the scratching as the tumble down the wall.
  • They land in the pool and turn it into dead cricket soup. So no swimming up here for a while!
Yes, the green tinge to the floor is all cricket carcass...

Off to check the roads to see what damage the wet season has done to them so far.
We get some good washouts, and while it hasnt rained for a while, there are pockets of bull dust that tend to look solid until you drive on to them and sink...
Could be interesting!

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  1. ok the Crickets would freak me out, especially if they get stuck in your hair. I'm cringing just reading it. I can't stand ants and wasp we have around her keep me from going on my balcony. I couldn't imagine living with those things. They look like their everywhere


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