19 January 2010

I dont get it.

So, I've been doing all this exercise, and eating pretty good (with the moment of weakness admittedly, especially at the Cider Festival) but nothing changes.

I know that I look better, and I've had some really nice comments over the last week or so about how "toned" I'm looking, so I guess thats good :) Its just annoying not to see any real shift. Another positive is that its making the OH think a bit more too. The combination of me and one of his friends loosing a fair bit of weight over the last 6 months (but he had more to loose and apparently medical intervention) seems to have spurred him on a bit more. Less beer and chocolate in front of the TV and weights as well as his cycling. He's already told me he will come to pump with me again next time he's in Perth!

Ah well. Just keep plodding along and we'll see how things go.
Plenty of time still! Not my wedding, I should point out! I'm a bridesmaid at one of my friends weddings back home in June, so its been my goal for the last year to have lovely photos to look back on in the future.

 There will only be a week or so before the wedding for me to try on the dress and get it altered if needed; it might be cutting it fine! At least it will be too big and not too small. That would be bad! One of my mums friends daughters bridesmaids (still with me?) apparently couldnt do her zip up on the day so had to walk down the aisle backless :S And trying to hide it from the bride so she didnt freak...

This is the dress -/\
And apparently we'll have these to keep us warm, but in a chocolate brown colour.
I might need more layers underneath! The wedding is English sumemrtime, but after 3 years in Aus, especially up north, I find it pretty cold below 25oC...

Bridesmaid duties are beginning now, with the beginnings of a plan for the Hen weekend. Putting the Aussie (well, kinda) in charge of the BBQ is such a stereotype! I'm looking forward to it muchly though!

First call for hens night party games too! Any suggestions?

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