07 January 2010

Snow Days

So, the snow at home has been continuing.
It was -17 in Manchester last night, and they have started running out of grit for the roads. And food. And the schools are all closed. My parents can't get to work and my lil brother can't escape back to Uni. The maximum daytime temperature for the rest of the week is zero. 

But, of course, if there was a decent set up in Britain, then no one would even notice it was snowing. But we don't so they'll just have to put up with it :)

I'm so glad I'm in Perth!
I had goosebumps just from the air conditioning in the office today!

How the weeks been going:
Monday: Cycle to work. Swim in the evening
Tuesday: Cycle to work, run in the evening.
Wedneday: Bellydance class in the evening.
Thursday: Pump in the morning, then cycle to work.
Friday: Swim in the morning.

So not too good, but just the cycling has been bad enough. 
Or good enough, I should say- 700-800 calories a day is fine with me!

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