11 January 2010

Poorly Grandma :(

Everyone send good vibes to my Gran:

I got a phone call from my parents yesterday evening to tell me that she was in hospital :( Apparently she was taken ill on friday, with unknown pain. She phoned my dads sister (who I don't remember ever meeting and didn't know existed for a very long time- long story that I'm not even sure of) who said ring the doctor who said ring an ambulance.
They thought it was a heart attack at first, but now they think its her kidneys. She is 94 ish, so she's had a good innings and you have to kind of expect these things, but you never do. I knew that when I left the UK 2.5 years ago that there was a good chance it would be the last time I saw her, but still...
My parents went to visit her yesterday afternoon their time, and said that she was looking OK, sitting up out of bed. They did a full MOT (does that translate into Aussie? full service) and were going to give her some scan thing today and hopefully they will figure out what it is and all will be good. 

The worst part is that my dads sister didn't even tell my Dad she was ill for 2 days (taken in on friday lunch time, told him sunday). If it had been something more critical and the worst were to have happened he wouldn't even have got to see her before... I know that anyone that I care about could be run over by a bus while I'm writing this, and its not something I should worry about tooooo much, but things like this just make you think. I love my life over here, but at times you remember the bad stuff.

On other notes, had a lazy weekend. Managed to go to pump on Sunday, but other than that... I walked home from work on friday night, which is about 12km at a fast pace. My hips were aching from that (from the different style to running I guess) so I excused myself out of proper exercise on saturday, but did do some Wii time. Then put my bike into the shop on sunday for a quick once over- break tightening, gear tweaking  etc etc so not much exercise today, but i have decided I am NEVER taking the Cat again (inner city run around free bus). It doesnt take much longer to walk given the route deviations and constant stopping and its a fairly good hike from the train station to where I work. Every little helps!

Picked my bike up this evening after skiving off work a little bit early and running across the city to get there before the shop closes at 6. All good so cycling everyday this week is the plan. I'm aiming for Pump again in the morning. 

Chick Pea Curry
I made yummy and fast curry for tea:
Cook up a small onion with a tablespoon of curry paste (I used rogan josh) then add a drained tin of chick peas. Cook them through a bit to soften, then add a grated carrot and some peas and a tun of crushed tomatoes and cook until the tomato looses its acidyness (if you know what I mean?!).

Makes 2 big bowls. I couldn't finish mine:

268 calories, 
12g protein
15g(!!) fibre from the chick peas and tomatoes mainly
8g fat (from the paste, if i was less lazy today it would be real paste so very little fat and 70 whole cals less ish!)

I think what I have left will do 2 lunches this week in my bento style box. 
Perfect :D

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  1. Good vibes for your gran :)

    And that curry sounds awesome, I am going to have to give it a shot!!


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