03 January 2010

Next Weeks Plan

11km run this morning. Wow it was HOT! I planned my route via the water fountains but still struggled even then! Going to attempt to do the same route every Sunday for the next few weeks and see if it gets any easier!

I start in the Perth office for a couple of months tomorrow, to avoid the heat at site and work in  conjunction with the other, more specialised people. No more 12 hour days, no more 47 degree days, no treadmills and an excuse to buy new clothes :) but no six days off either.

So... that means more consistent schedule and more time to do other stuff. So the plan for this week is:

Monday: Cycle to work. Swim in the evening.
Tuesday: Cycle to work, run in the evening.
Wedneday: Bellydance class in the evening.
Thursday: Pump in the morning, then cycle to work.
Friday: Swim in the morning.

And play with the Wii in the evening instead of lying on the sofa watching Lifestyle channel and Facebook!

Off to the Lake now for lunch. :)

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