01 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, the new Decade is upon us!
We had a good night last night, tooo much yummy food, and more to come today, but its all good.
Easter Challenge starts tomorrow :)

I got a good haul of presents under the tree- the Wii Fit, Ice Age 3 from the OH, new bag and some perfume from the OHs family and some cool bits and bobs from friends. Favourite has to be the Balancing Kiwis from Tarata. They are so much fun!

I think the OH wants some more for his birthday in February. Who am I to deny him!

Set up the WiiFit this morning. I like it because it gave me a lower weight than I was expecting after the excesses :) I think I could grow to like it, but it needs a bit more time at present. Its a bit simple- i set up a 30 minute sequence and it told me to reconsider and take it easy. But liking the balance aspect and some of the mini games. Will give it a run out this month and maybe consider EA Active if I haven't grown to love it.
Tea tonight is roast pork and all the trimmings. Maybe without the yorkshire puds because I used up all the flour in the muffins last night (which turned out delicious). More than can be said about the bread! The yeast didnt do too well (it was 18 months out of date, so I'm surprised it did anything at all!)

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