31 December 2009

Operation Beautiful

I finally posted my first Operation Beautiful post today, at the shopping centre. The ran away so no-one would know it was me! But at least I've set my ball rolling.

 I really the idea of this project, and its one of me new years resolutions to post many around, partially in a fake it til you make it effort. I don't really know what to write either. These are what I'm thinking so far:

  • I've never seen a smiling face that wasn't beautiful.
  • Smile, You're gorgeous!
  • You are more beautiful than you believe.
  • I hope you know just how gorgeous you are.
  • Just like Bridget Jones, some one thinks you're perfect just the way you are.
  • There are no absolute standards of beauty. Thats what makes its pursuit so interesting.
  • Beauty is so much more than a pretty face. 
  • Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed
  • The best cosmetic in the world is an active mind that is always finding something new. 
  • The minute you alter your perception of yourself and your future, both you and your future begin to change. 
  • Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.
I will use these and any others I can think of, to spread the word.

In other news, its presents time tonight! I know Í'm getting a WiiFit from the OH, but beyond that who knows! Were having a quiet night in, with a platter of cheese and meat and olives and dips and home made bread (if it works!) and things, with spiced summer fruit muffins for pudding. Hopefully the spiced fruit works! I stewed it last week before I went to work with ginger and mixed spice, then put it into a jam jar while it was still boiling, so hopefully it wont be off and the flavours will have gone crazy. It doesn't look mouldy, so fingers crossed!
I bought some pink sparkling wine (was definitely going to get the Pink Moet Chandon but still cant bring myself to spending $100 on a bottle of wine that will probably be left un drunk. Maybe for Australia Day.) and some Amaretto (mmmm... almonds = christmas) and we'll probably just crash in front of the TV til the fireworks.

Have a good new years eve. 2010 tomorrow!

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  1. I am a big fan of Operation beautiful. Well done. I bought some pretty post its and fancy pens this week and am going to start leaving them wherever I go.


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