25 December 2009

MUST REMEMBER: You don't actually like christmas pudding, so why eat it?

Well, its Christmas and I'm in the Pilbara with a string of tinsel around my neck, trying to do some work but failing! And I'm ill. Stupid cough and slight temperature. Enough to get keep the onsite nurse on her toes anyway. So no exericse for me. Think thats what did me in, because on wednesday when I was just feeling a little under the weather I did about 2 hours of "exercise walking" (at least I didnt go for a run like planned) and weights, then on wednesday night the cough struck with a vengence and just gets worse!

Its strange to think that a year ago I was in Thailand on forced leave, wondering if I would even have a job to come back too! And the year before that I was all flustered because I had to fly back to work on Boxing Day and it would be the first time I'd had to work underground alone...

And this year I'm a project Geo with a massive budget

How things change...

Also, trying to stick to calories, because its hardly a special day up here! Save them now and use them for new years, when we feast... Though may end up drinking them tonight... Drown my sorrows :)

Tonights plan is to load up on good veggies (not honey glazed carrots, creamed spinach etc etc), turkey and prawns (assuming the prawns will exist...) and avoid PUDDING!

Minimal damage now, and healthy Perth time in January and February= Ellen at Goal in early '10.

MUST REMEMBER: You don't actually like christmas pudding, so why eat it?

Merry Christmas One and All!

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