29 December 2009

Vogue to support 'curvier' models

I was well impressed when I read that Vogue had a "curvier" model on its cover, until I saw what that meant and read some of the other stuff surrounding it.

After that photo in Glamour all those months ago I was expecting some slight sign of not being perfect, but I couldnt actually tell the she wasnt a "normal" model.
At five feet ten and a size 4, supermodel Lara Stone has struggled to fit in. Stone is about 2 sizes larger than her modeling peers, but this has not stopped her career from skyrocketing...“It’s depressing when the clothes don’t fit and you are always the odd one out"…“People still tell me I’m fat, but when I look in the mirror, that’s not what I see.”... A A- From Here

And also
Vogue editor Anna Wintour has vowed to use curvier models in her magazine.
Wintour has promised to include larger beauties in upcoming issues of the US fashion bible after the success of the January 2010 cover shot image of 25-year-old model Lara Stone - which she hopes will encourage other publishers to avoid skeletal models...The busty beauty - who has a UK size eight figure - recently admitted she wished she was not the only curvaceous model."I'm different because I am fat. It would be nice if I wasn't the only person with t.ts and an a..e," Stone said..."I'm a woman, and every woman wants to be thinner, unfortunately."

B- From Here

So... I can't decide if this makes me happy or not:
Not having skeletal models all the time Y
Using a model to highlight this who calls is refered to as fat as a sz 8 N
Creating a realistic idea of womanly beauty Y
Her saying that she wishes she was thinner N

What d'ya reckon? Step in the right direction, at least?

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  1. Wow... I'd totally love to be fat at a size 8... So I think I agree. Great they are not using skeletons... not so hot that they have her calling herself fat and wishing she were smaller...
    Does she realise how many people would kill to be her size? This is why I wanted to become a mechanic. And why I don't read these magazines. Lol.


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