11 February 2013

Presents all around!

First up - The winner of the giveaway!
Random.org tells me that of the 24 entries, lucky 13 is the winner! How apt!
So... Janice. Check your email and we'll get this show on the road.

This weekend was the Boys birthday.
I made epic cake- Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake from Taste.

It is a flourless dark chocolate cake with orange zest, topped with chocolate mousse, topped with candied orange slices. EPIC.
I was supposed to leave it in the pan after it cam out of the oven, then put the mousse on, then take it out of the cake pan. But I didn't... which is why its not quite as pretty and straight sided as it should be. Still tastes awesome though!

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  1. What's up Ellen. You won the giveaway on MY blog! Couldn't find your email address, but if you contact me with your address I'll get those patterns in the mail to you.


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