21 February 2013

Are you on the map?

View Map the Sewintists in a larger map 

I love reading sewing blogs of people who live in a totally different culture to the ones that I have experienced- you get the mad sewing skills and you learn so much more about life too!

AnotherSewingScientist set up this interactive map to help connect sewinists near and far.

If you haven't already, (have you been living under a rock these last few days?!)  go add yourself to the map and seek out some new reads!

(PS: The map can only show 100 pins at a time, so set it up to cover the area you're interested in (or the whole wide world!) and flick through the pages to see who appears!)


  1. No i am not on the map. But i am moving. Where would i put myself? Besides there is not much sewing going on here at the moment, its all knitting!

    1. You could have two points :) Or just move your pin when you move?
      I just love seeing where everyone is!

  2. Holy smoke! Another person who sews in Perth!!
    I just found you on the map, how crazy :) Happy sewing!

    1. Yes indeedy! There are a few Perth sewists around- way more than are represented on the map so far~


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