19 April 2012

Itty Bitty baby dress III

Every tiny baby needs a pretty princess dress, right?! 
For this one I roughly followed the instructions for the Sweet Tartan Dress by Skirt as a Top.

The purple stars are some left over lining from a bag I made years ago, and the white is a section of bed sheet from the op-shop when they had a one dollar sale- 4m of soft white cotton with a subtle damask print (you can just see it in the photo) for $1!

Basically, I cut three pairs of the bodice- two white,and one set white and purple.
To create the wrap style bodice, I took the purple piece, and one of the whites, and cut down from the corner of the neckline to about 2cm plus seam allowance above the  far corner. 
Then sewed the front and lining pieces together, and arranges and pinned them how I wanted them to look.
From then on I treated them as a single bodice, and sewed the rest of the dress more or less according to instructions.

The back is just a single normal bodice piece:

I'm very happy with this dress, as the inside looks as neat as the outside, and that is rare for me!

Which is your favourite?
Let me know!

I've been told I'm not allowed to make any more baby clothes for now... but luckily another of our friends are expecting a little boy in a couple of months, and she was a little sad it wasn't a girl. My plan is to make some cute but masculine baby clothes for them so she can still play dress up!

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  1. i just spotted this in rae's flickr pool and said "heeeey that looks familiar!" i'm so excited you used my sweet tartan tutorial and adapted it to the IBBD! it looks so cute!


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