12 April 2012

Autumn Stripes and Spots

The Autumn is arriving in Perth, and having signed up for Me Made May, I decided to use some of my knit stash to make a tshirt for the cooler days.

This was self drafted and draped. - Dolman sleeves longer than usual for our incoming autumn weather, and tucks up the sides to break up the stripes and disguise the currently-slightly-softer-than-I'd-prefer stomach.

To draft this, I simply used a well fitting t-shirt, folded in half and laid out on the halved fabric. I marked lines up the sides, allowing extra for the seam. When I got to the armholes, I simply drew out more or less straight at 90 degrees to the fold, as long as you want the sleeve to be. 
At the shoulder point of my shirt, I drew another line straight across at 90 degrees to the fold, also marking the point where the neck opening was. Then cut.
Sew up each side, then across the top of each sleeve as far as the marked neckline. You could cut a curved neckline in, but I kept with the stripes, and simply rolled down the front a little more than the back before stitching down a hem at the neck. 
Then I hemmed the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. 

The fabric is something knit-ish, bought at the local fabric shops sale, mainly because I liked the colour and the mix of polkadots and stripes. 

 Finished with a double needle.- Finally attempted it! It didn't work out too well, but you can't see the trouble areas so much.

See my other entries for Raes Spring Top Sewalong.

Have you used a twin needle? What do you think? I like the professional look bit definitely need more practice!

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  1. Hi! I saw your top in the Spring top Flickr-pool, and I really like it! Could you tell me some more about how you drafted it? I'm a bit curious because I like how the sleeves are coming out, and it seems the top was made out of just two pieces, a front and a back, with no need to sew sleeves to the bodice. Nice work!


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