15 April 2010

Jamie Oliver... TV Preacher?!

I came across this gem of a post from another 20SBlogger, T. The Destructor.

Its a reply to a womans view of Jamie Oliver, and one program in particular.
And it sums up a lot of what is wrong with the world.
I love it.

Apparently, Jamie went to a particularly obese bit of America and some people feel that he's a meddling "person" who is actually just out to get money, and that people should be allowed to choose (to die from obesity?) and that Jamie Oliver is no more than a glorified TV preacher, making heaps of money from peoples insecurities. But she counteracts it much more eloquently than I ever could.


Read it here!

On a different note, I'm adding a weekly aims thing at the side. 
Something to keep me focussed!
Off to Boxercise at the work gym now. Should be interesting!

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