31 January 2010


So, I've been aiming to do Pump about 3 times a week, tuesdays and thursday before work and sunday mornings after Combat. Its time to start paying attention to what I use, so here is todays:

Warm up – 2.5 each side (5)
Squats – 7.5 each side (15)
Chest – 5 each side (10)
Back – 5 each side (10)
Triceps – 3.75 each side (7.5)
Biceps – 3.75 each side (7.5)
Lunges – I don’t use the bar normally- it tends to hurt my knees in a way that squats don't.
Shoulders – 3.75 each side (7.5) 2.5kg dumbbells.

I was wobbly after, and can feel the burn now so will no doubt be in pain tomorrow. It feels good though. I took the OH along a week or two ago, and I think he liked it but doesnt go in for the gym thing. Instead, we now have a "pump" set of weights and a bar in our garage, to go with the bench and dumbells. Its a bar with 20kgs of plates... maybe 2x5, 2 x 2.5 and something else to make up the rest. So maybe I should do a bit of extra training. Though might be best left til the winter as our garage is sooo hot all the time right now.

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