27 January 2010

Australia Day

What a great day!

We started off over at Cottelsoe Beach for the Havaiana Thong world record challenge. Sophie and I were there by 7:30 to ensure we could enter, and spent the day at the beach soaking up the atmosphere, and the rays, and generally chilling out :)

Then at lunchtime the real fun began. The record attempt for the longest line of inflatables on the ocean. Sydney had set the record high earlier in the day, with 1262 (up from about 900 last year), but Perth could beat that, right?

Of course!

Despite the population difference, Perth managed to put 1301 people onto the water, thrashing the previous record. And much fun was had in the process :D

Then icecream at the beach for lunch before heading back home for showers, air conditioning, shade, water, and to pick up fresh supplies for the evenings festivities. We headed to the South Perth foreshore to watch the air show. Those tumbling aerobatic planes are scary! I've never watched them before and my heart was in my mouth and I was telling Sophie that "look- that plane- its just falling. OMG sophie, the planes just falling out the sky!"
To which the response was "yes, Thats the point..."
So yeah...

We chose the worst spot, with a big tree in the exact line of the fireworks, but with a bit of shuffling we got a great view. And will know better for next year. Fireworks have always meant a lot to me, and its been 3 years since I'd seen them. They brought a tear to my eye at one point (how geeky!) but were great! The OH managed to get there in time for them, just: 8 minutes to spare. His plane landed at 7, so not too bad an effort!

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