04 March 2014

Little Shoesies!

Bubbaboo is wearing size 2 shoes already! It means the hippo shoes I made to give his daddy for Fathers Day squish his toes. *Sad Face*

Cameron Seakers (IThinkSew)

We're headed back to the Motherland before too long, which will be a shock to the system for this summer baby who seems cold if it drops below 30oC. So I decided a new pair of shoes were needed to keep his toesies toasty.

These are up-cycled from a wool skirt from the op shop, which barely fit at the time and which I cannot imagine fitting anytime soon, even if I had occasion to wear it! But I loved the weave, so I knew they'd make some smart baby clothes. Its a bit poofy, and that made the pleated front panel much harder, but I'm liking the finished look:

Jaden Sneakers ((IThinkSew)

They are lined with black jersey, with black drill cotton for the sole, interfaced with fleece for comfort and warmth. I cant imagine a lack of non-slip soles being an issue at 6 weeks!

This one is finished (after a week of stolen moments), and I have a second that needs hand finishing (the hole to turn out sewing up and the front panel and closures attaching). 
We'll get there soon!

In the meantime, its all about crochet while bubs is being needy and not napping away from my chest!


  1. Those Are Cute Shoes!.Congrats On The Arrival Of The Bub! :)

  2. Gahhhh! These are too cute! Tiny bubba shoes are seriously the best thing ever!


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