08 April 2013

1st Birthday Geranium Dress

Remember this little baby girl? Well, she just turned one!

We went to her birthday party on the weekend and one of her presents was a new dress. I think Made-By-Raes Geranium dress is a great base to work from, so I bought it for future reference!

I found this pretty poplin at Spotlight, in colours that I thought would suit. I went with the cap sleeves, neck notch and pleated skirt, then added piping to the bodice and also to a band around the bottom of the skirt.

Geranium dress- front

Geranium dress- back

The back is closed by hammered in snaps. They give a very professional finish, though they are a bit scary at first! As you can see, I hammered them in wrong the first time, too far from the edge which would make the dress too small. They came out eventually, but left a bit of a mark. Nothing too obvious from afar though.

Geranium dress- snaps closure

The inside is all nicely finished, with the bodice hand sewn down hiding bodice seams, french seams on the skirt, and an "overlocked" finish to the band (trimmed and zigzagged).

Geranium dress- inside

The parents liked the dress, and bubba seemed drawn to the pattern, so I'm calling that a win!


  1. It's such a cute dress Ellen! She'll look adorable in it. :)
    Those snaps are a pain to work with - but my first experience was with a thick velvet - needed hubby to pop them in for me.
    Should get myself this pattern as it looks so versatile.

    1. Its a very simple pattern, which is perfect for playing with!
      I just wish it had a proper sleeve as well as the in built cap or flutters. After my recent drafting disasters I'm not game to try and draft one, and I can't find any evidence that anyone else has either.

  2. Beautiful dress! I wish I knew a girl to make this for. Love the band at the bottom too.

    1. I know the feeling. Most of my friends (in Aus, anyway) have boys. Sewing for them doesn't have that same cuteness factor!

  3. Lovely dress- it looks fantastic!
    I first used snaps when I was making a all-in-one while pregnant with the twins, I remember thinking how load it was and hoping it didn't scare the kiddos! I've seen some you beaut press type snap applicators but I think they only work with plastic snaps- which I'm not a fan of. Also there are place online that set coloured snap, something to think of if you are going to use them a lot. Now you've got me thinking I should give them a go again!

    1. It did bring the Boy into the sewing room wondering what on earth I was up too. He's used to the "jet engine" of bobbin winding, but hammering was new!
      I'm definitely using these more now! So fast and easy.


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