25 March 2013

Its been a long time coming.

I did my first ever full bust adjustment/alteration on the laurel. 

OK, so I should probably have been doing them previously, but what can I say...

 I think I still fudged it a little as I didn't want to do the front darts so I graded the extra width from the FBA back into the side seam. It definitely makes it sit nicer over the girls and around the neck.  I used the same fabric as the Kimono Sorbetto, because I love the print on these simple tops. 

Looking at the pictures I kind of wish I kept the sleeve caps in all purple. Still looks OK though. The sleeves are hemmed and finished with a pretty stitch. I think I'd prefer them about an inch longer next time. Still have a full range of movement. Never had that with something that I have sewn sleeves onto before!

colette laurel top version 4 blue and purple print fabric coletteprint sleeve detail

And the back:

colette laurel top version 4 blue and purple print fabric coletteprint rear

No closure needed- pulls on and off fine. I lost a little of the pattern to the darts, but its only really noticable if youre looking for it. Again, should have really moved them across a little so they were entirely in the purple, but I didn't think on at the time. 

And I am proud to say that I finally mastered the french seam of the armscye. Looks very pretty on the inside too! The neckline is bias-taped, and the hem is a simple double fold over. 
Very wearable, very me.
Bring on the autumn!


  1. Love it! The fit is very flattering and the stitches on the sleeves are so pretty.

  2. French seams on the armscye - well done! This is still on my to-do list of needing to master! Great work on this top - you will get a heap of wear out of it...J

  3. Isn't it amazing what the fba did for this pattern? I had to do one too, but I think I still need to lower the darts.


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