27 October 2012

Milano Tessuto Ricognizione

Would it be bad to book a hotel based on where the fabric shops seem to cluster?!?
 I'm not that fussed by churches, or art, and if all goes well I'll be back at least twice next year. This year I have 2 nights, and probably one day and a few hours in Milan. I know where my priorities lie- so I want to search out the fabric shops!

I've been putting together a map of fabric shops in Milan. - Negozi di tessuti a Milano

View Fabric Shops Milan in a larger map

The main ones on my list are

Tessuti Raponi - They seem to be the lower end of the market, and apparently used to/still do sell by weight, and include lots of remnants of good fabric. There are 3 in Milan, so I'm sure I cam make it to at least one.

Emmepi Tessuti - They describe themselves as "The Emmepi-Fabrics specializes in the retail sale of fabrics for clothing, classic and trendy, and its supply includes scraps and cuts of excellent quality, prefering those made from natural fibers."

Tessuti Mimmi Gini - they look to have some nice silks and linens in their online store. So definitely worth a look!

And I would like to see what Il Veccio Drappiere has to offer. They look much higher end, but I would love some nice woolen fabric. SO maybe it can be a birthday treat to myself. 

There is also Tessuti Scampoli made famous by fellow sand-groper Carolyn. Its a bit far out of my concentration, so I might have to save it for next time... We'll see how time pans out!

Maybe I will have to mail them back to myself. I think my suitcase will be full of rocks!

PS: Google translate is your friend when it comes to these websites! Or my chrome browser automatically offers to translate for me.

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  1. I would totally book a hotel near the fabric shops myself!!! Too bad that I don't travel much nowadays save for the yearly trip back to my home country (but I definitely squeeze in trips to the fabric stores then).

    By the way Ellen, you won 2 of the patterns: B5558 and New Look 6829. I don't seem to be able to find your email, why don't you email me your mailing address okay? :)
    ;) Far


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