30 August 2012

Wedding Album!

OK, so its nearly been a year, but I finally got our wedding album. I've been putting off ordering it until they had a sale, as the lay flat photo books are kind of expensive! I was a bit hesitant, as ours in the biggest format (12"x12") with the most possible pages so it was heading to $400, which is a lot but about a third of the quote from the photographer for her to do it! Plus this way we can have the photos we really like, and include "unofficial" pictures too. Plus I got 30% off :D

It came in a box matching the front cover, to protect the pages.

Some of the preparations. Got to make sure The Boy is in there somewhere!

Our vows. We also have these printed out and hung as a triptych in our bedroom
along with the "first kiss" photo.

This is my favourite page!
They lay flat pages are so good for this stuff. I might have cried a little when I got to it.

In case you were wondering, BigW have no idea I'm writing this, and definitely didn't give me anything for sharing it with you!

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