22 June 2012

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No... its another sorbetto! Honest.
Though when does a pattern get so far removed from its original that its just its own pattern?
I made this a couple of weekends ago but havn't got around to wearing it. We're having some really cold weather here in Perth (less than two degrees in the mornings!) but I decided this top goes nicely with the cream jacked lilac scarf, so I'd finally give it a go.

I've had this fabric in for about a year... its really soft and drapey, and I love the colours and pattern. I got it in the sale at Spotlight for about $4 per m, which is awesome considering how nice it feels and how epic-ly wide the bolt is. It was earmarked for a dress, but since I'm aiming to sew more things I will wear I decided to make a top for now. There is plenty left for a dress when I finally get around to it!

I love the way the print works, just about catching the blue stripe again just off the shoulders.

So... how did I change it?

  • The usual addition of a couple of inches to the length and bust darts that are more like the size 18 on the pattern.

  • No centre pleat (just fold that portion off the pattern when you lay out)

  • I faced the neckline with hidden bias tape for the first time. I think I stretched it while I was adding it, but I like the way it turned out.

  • I made the back slightly longer than the front.

  • I added kimono sleeves. Now, this picture looks really dodgy, but its basically what I did! I just eyed them in, and after cutting out the front I realised that there was no way the sleeve would fit if I cut the back out the same, so the back sleeves are an odd shape to add in some extra material. You can't see, because I matched the prints up, but if you look close from above the shoulder seams don't go straight across the top.

All the internal seams are french, as this fabric frays really well. So well that I managed to trap lots of frayed material into my french seams, so spent a while after it was done snipping visible threads from the outside...

The hems are done with my narrow hem foot.

Heres the back, and also my office!:

Yes, I know its a mess. 
I'm a student...

And since you made it so far, heres another taste of "practical fashion"
Riding my bike to uni at 6am, in the dark, on the coldest and shortest day of the year:
It worked! My ears and nose and neck stayed toasty warm :)

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