26 October 2011

Wedding dress bustle!

Every brides worst nightmare must include her dress not fitting on the day. I was flying in not long before the wedding, so big alterations were out of the question, I had to hope it was right first time.

My dress was the right length, so I didn't have to worry about that, and the tie-back meant it fit fine, but I did spend an evening just before the wedding adding a very simple bustle construction.

I hadn't realised that there would be no way to bustle the train up automatically, as the sales lady had implied it was possible when I first bought it. I didn't realise I would have to pay for their "alterations package" to get it done, so I freaked out slightly! Two hundred pounds, when all i needed was a way to dance!

Then I calmed down, and resolved to do it myself. Much to the horror of the ladies in the shop I'm sure.

I sewed a vintage glass button on (from my mothers stash) which got lost in the lace and beading down the back, and added a ribbon loop at the base of the tie back, which was hidden when not in use. And done!

Not as elegant as it might have been, but it did its job, and didn't break as has happened to many friends with professionally done bustles!

I read into some of the traditions and taboos about weddings during the planning, since we were having a pretty unconventional wedding. I wanted us to keep the important ones, but maybe with a twist. One said that the bride should never try on the complete outfit prior to the day,  or it will bring bad luck, so many left a final stitch til just before she wore it (though the number of stitches she sews will be the number of tears the marriage will result in....) Sewing on a button can't be that many stitches, I'll take it.
Especially since I found a HUGE spider on my dress as well, another apparent symbol of luck.

And really, after every one has ooh-ed and aaah-ed over the bride, the photos are done with, everyone had a glass of champagne or three and wants to dance, who is going to notice?

From this /\

to this! \/ 

The closest  could find to a photo showing the bustle!
Apparently people don't take photos of the back of the bride!

Actually, there is this one too. Meet my baby brother :)

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