07 April 2010

Interval Training!

Yesterday I went to the WAMC interval session for the first time.

I wasn't sure if I'd actually go or not, so I went for a 6km run in the morning anyway, just in case I backed out. By 5 I was feeling up to going, actually looking forward to it. Though still slightly scared at the level people would be at.

So I rocked up and met the coach; he said not to worry, go at my own pace but make sure I could feel the difference in my intervals.  So we did:

Warm up: High knees 3x100m, Bum kicks 3x 100, with a gentle jog back again between each.


800m fast
400m slow
600m fast
200m slow
400m fast
200m slow
200m fast

5 minutes break and do it all over again!
Worked out about another 6km. So 12 for the day.
I definitely wasn't leading the pack but I also wasn't last by a long way either, so thats good :)

Quick dash home for tea and shower then back out the door to circus meet.
It was fun, but I felt quite shaky while spinning.

They do different things each week, and I'll definitely be back.
Hopefully it will help pick my pace up.

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