03 April 2010

And so it begins...

Last night was the first night out bush for 2010.
We were a few hours drive away from the mine site on an overnight mapping campaign.
Hot sweaty day walking round recording rocks for posterity.

We were meant to grab some extra cooking gear from the regional caravan halfway out, but *someone* forgot the key... OOoops. Luckily we had a camp oven anyway, and thats all you need for instant pasta! And baked beans and bread. And plastic knives and forks. So using a screwdriver as a stirrer we still put together a hearty meal. I hate instant pasta. Yack! But it was a short notice trip and it was only one night. All the small portion food in the freezer is frostbitten and all the rest of the food is in massive packs- 5kg steak anyone? I feel a trip to Newman for small goods coming on.

After/during food prep, I got my poi out and had a play with the LED settings. There are some very cool patterns!

By 7:30 I got ready for bed, after nearly falling asleep in the middle of the creek watching for shooting stars (only saw one). Asleep at 8:30. I sleep so well out bush. No distractions I guess. I was expecting it to be harder to sleep because of the heat and humidity (about 34 degrees and 35% humidity according to the BOM at Telfer), but it wasn't too bad. Maybe I'm getting used to it, or maybe its cooler than last year.

I woke up at 3am, absolutely freezing! Even though the BOM says it was still 30oC... Maybe a 100ks and a weird microclimate makes all the difference... I only had my silk liner in my swag with me, so had to unzip and jump out and grab my sleeping bag from the car. Slept through until 6:30. 10 hours of lovely, peaceful sleep.

I love waking up out there. 
Heaven in the Pilbara.

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  1. How can no-one have commented on a post with a photo like that?!? OMG! It's gorgeous.


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