13 April 2010

A decade in Oz

On Saturday I went to a friends party. Her and some of her fellow Kiwis were celebrating 10 years of living in Australia with a big "Come as your favourite Australian" party, with a whole lamb roast, Australiana quiz and lots of true blue fun and games. As much as possible in a house full of Kiwis, anyway!
 After a bit of deliberating I decided I was going to do as a Bungarra (big goanna lizard thing):
or as Ned Kellys mother (thanks to the trip to Melbourne Gaol.):

But after a conversation with said friend, ended up as the Australian matriach Kath (from Kath and Kim.)
Much easier, and lots of fun. Its amazing what you can buy in charity shops. The whole outfit, including shoes, cost $8.50!

Dead ringers :)

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