19 August 2012

The Garden in August

We've been doing some more work on the garden.
The front garden is meant to eventually turn into a tropical paradise, but as you can see, its a work in progress! 
We split up some Dianellas (I think they are dianella revoluta, but we inherited them with the house) and moved them from the side of the house to the front, and put in some tall growing deep red cordylines behind them. They are in the death corner- everything else we've put there has died - but hopefully these will overcome! 

We really need to fix that fence though- the land behind is semi vacant... I think the front house owns it, but its not used for anything and fenced off, and the eucalypt thing is pushing it down.

We also added some more plants into the back, at the far end around the tree. Purple and white agapanthus and dietes. These were partially picked because they flower in summer, when the rest of the garden will just be foliage....
I think its done now, we just need the plants to grow up and make it look a bit more lived in!
The difference in only a couple of months is amazing.

Winter is when a lot of the native plants flower, so we have lots of colour in the garden at the moment, and hopefully soon the rest of the Roo paws will be out too- they are currently putting up the flower stems. These are some of my current favourites:

And obviously the plants are attracting the honey eating birds, which was part of the point of the native garden:

We also planted some strawberry plants in hangers on the wall...
Hopefully I will remember to water them and we'll have a good crop away from the snails!

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