04 August 2012


I can't... stop... watching!

Even though the coverage is soo bad. Its hard to really follow whats going on when channel 9 keeps flicking between sports.

My favourite to watch is usually the gymnastics, but since Australia had such a poor showing it hasn't been shown much. I've been trying to watch again online, but the quality is pretty rubbish.

I really enjoyed todays Triathlon too. Who would think that after all those km and three different sports, it would come down to a photo finish! Very exciting!

I do kind of wish we'd gone back, but it wasn't really an option. Its been such a big year in the UK, what with the Jubilee and now the Olympics. There seems to be such a good atmosphere.

Have you been watching? Whats your favourite?

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  1. watching anything about olympics is so much fun. I enjoy watching shuttle tennis and water sports


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