20 April 2012

More sorbettos

I think I'm nearly done with this pattern for the moment, though I do have plans to make something with it and a few alterations for the field-trip during me-made-may.

I used these as my last two entries for the Spring Top Sewalong. I did consider entering the Herman sorbetto, but I think these are a little more grown up ;)

I love this whale print, but the fabric is a bit rubbish-very cheap poplin that the colour fades on easily when you iron it. I still love the top though.

For this one I added an extra inch or two to the length, extended the armistices (is that the word?!) and changed the neckline around a bit.

This second one is made from chiffony polyester, from spotlight on sale for only about $6 a meter. Its really wide too, so I only used about 60cm of it for this top. Score! 
Its really flowly and wears well. I just wish I'd made it a bit longer so it will tuck in to skirts etc.
Now I just need to decide what to do with the other 1.4m!

I love the pattern!
I think they look like kookaburras. What do you think?

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