23 April 2012

Outdoor Weekend! - Camping and biking the trails

This weekend was the last one my husband is home for before I start my phd and start working real life hours not FIFO. So we made the most of it:

We drove down south:

Set up camp

And took some fun photos.
Stairway to heaven? 

We spent a good hour throwing different sized rocks in the river and recording the result!

On the sunday there was a free mountain biking taster session, including free bike hire and sausage sizzle after! How good a deal is that?! We did the 17km route; It was good fun, if a little scary at first- I'm not the most confident bike rider, despite riding semi regularly. My never-quite-healed-right broken arm means I find it hard to get a stable grip on the handle bars. 
I took one impressive tumble- we were on a slight downhill windy sandy section. I just avoided one tree, and over compensated to avoid another. My front tyre dug into the sand, the bike slipped down underneath me, and I somehow managed to leap clean off the bike. The Boy heard me screech, and turned round to see me running down the path, bike in a sandy heap. Yet I was totally fine :D

I already have a bike that would be suitable for this kind of riding, so he's thinking of getting a cheapo mountain bike and we'll finally get a rack for the car, so we can hit the trails more often. 
Perth has a trail which is in the process of winding all the way to Albany - 1000km! - with camp stops  and cabins a gentle days cycle apart. We think its something we could definitely get into!

Have you tried something new recently? How did it go?

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