01 April 2012

2012 Bridges Run

This morning was the Bridges Fun Run, organised by the WAMC. Its a nice 10k race around the two bridges which bookend Perth, and is threatened by the proposed redevelopment of the foreshore by the city, which will probably make the race too hard to organise, even if a suitable course can be negotiated. Last year was supposed to be the last, but (luckily?) redevelopment hasn't started yet, so we got a bonus one!

I wasn't sure I was going too enter. Its the third time I've done it, and I'm pretty sure my time has increased every year. I'm pretty sure its supposed to go the other way! But never mind, its a nice run and a great atmosphere, with about 3000 people running.

The day dawned grey and overcast. Autumn is finally here! High teens, a little wind and very little direct sun. Perfect. I dragged myself out of bed, did the usual hunt around for my good running shorts and bag thing (pre-planning? me?!) hopped on the bike and cycled down to pick up my number and start.

There is also a 5k run, timed to start so the front of the field finishes in front of all the 10k-er preparing to go. Those guys were awesome! 15 minutes for 5km. Wow! 

Then we were off.

My knee was twinging for the first couple of ks, but by the time we were at the Narrows bridge it had calmed down. Probably psychological.
I gulped down too much water at the 3k station, and ended up with a really bad stitch from about 4-5km. D'oh! 

After about 6km I was still making decent time (for me!) and feeling good. The 8km mark was on the second bridge- the Causeway. I was starting to stiffen up, so I decided to take it easy til 9km, then give all I had left for the last km. There wasn't much left, but I made it across the line with a gun time of just over an hour (1:00:10 ish) and a stopwatch time of 58:43. 

I was happy with that.

I stayed around to watch the presentations, something I never normally do. But what else did I have to do? And I figured it would give my legs some time to calm down before the cycle home. I got home just as it stated raining. Perfect! I love the smell of first rain.

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