28 March 2012

The Stash is now organised!

Now I'm sewing more, or at least have plans to, I went to the half price sale at the local fabric shop. Awesome huh! But that meant that I needed to sort through everything I had to make sure I knew what I had and could get inspired!
Its in the built in wardrobe of my sewing room/study. Going back to uni means I'm going to have to keep it more under wraps too, so I can concentrate on work and not pleasure!

The box at the bottom has upholstery fabric and a bag of scraps. 
The upholstry fabric is destined to be some cushions for the garden seating. I've had it for a year though, and haven't quite got around to it yet!

The we have a stash of meshes and netting. I love the blue one- its all glittery!

Knits! The one with the dots is going to end up as a wrap top, and the stripes will be tshirts.

Cottons and poplins. These are mainly for muslins and linings.

Assorted others.
The dots are velour- its going to become the perfect PJs. Perfect for me, maybe not perfect in sewing skill!
The charcoal colour is synthetic moleskin. The plan is to work it into a formal-ish little black dress for work.

Pretty cotton and chiffon. 
The small flowers will be a blouse.
The large flowers will be a bag,
The rest I have no idea!

And having saved the best for last- the working stash.
These are the fabrics that I have plans to make pretty things from in the short term.
The yellow and blue polkadot is my currently a work in progress. It was cheap and on sale, but it feels lovely, wears well and has a gorgeous sheen, so I'm glad there is more left.

Mr Purple and Blue is going to become a dress. And maybe also a skirt.

The rest will become tops for work, like this and this.

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