21 March 2012

My First (Autumn) Spring Top

So here in Perth, its Autumn. Still warm in the day, but crisp first thing in the morning. 
I L.O.V.E Autumn!

But in the blogosphere, its Spring Top time!

I've watched the last few years of spring top month from afar, without the skills to really contemplate joining in. But This year I'm up for the challenge.
I also have a lot of time on my hands, due to whats hopefully a minor blip in a long road.
So I've hit the stash that was meant to become spring tops back in the spring!

My first entry is this blue and yellow sleeveless number. The top half is lined, as the fabric is thin *and* has holes in it! Its loosely based on cap sleeve bodice on burda, mostly to be sure it fitted across the bust. I squared up the neckline, added the cut out at the back, and the patch/placket thing at the front. This was my first time attempting bias tape, so its not perfect, but passable.

See the issue? But you've got to learn somehow :D

One of my aims for this round of sewing is to try and make everything look good on the inside as well as the outside, so no raw edges!
This one is has french seams and lined openings.

Its bright and cheerful and I love it.
It took me about 4 hours from sitting down to cut to sewing on the last button.

See my other entries for Raes Spring Top Sewalong.

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